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Our Story

Rocky Talkie was founded in Denver, Colorado in late 2019 by longtime friends and adventure partners Bryce Jones and Alex Page. Having searched in vain for a reliable radio that was easy to use in the backcountry, they set out to create their own.

After several years of prototypes and cycle after cycle of rigorous testing, the Rocky Talkie was born: a radio rugged enough to withstand the elements and keep adventurers connected.

Our Mission

To give adventurers the confidence to push their limits in the backcountry through improved communication.

Our Mission

To give adventurers the confidence to push their limits in the backcountry through improved communication.

Our Pledge

We donate $2 per radio to search and rescue teams. Like good communication, these volunteer teams save lives and provide critical peace of mind in the backcountry.

Meet the Team

  • Bryce Jones

    Co-Founder and President

    Bryce is a dedicated rock climber with a passion for product design and 3D printing. He holds an MBA from the University of Michigan focusing on entrepreneurship. Bryce is absolutely stoked to be working every day to help improve backcountry communication.

  • Alex Page

    Co-Founder and Head of Product

    Alex is a scientist and climber. He has a PhD in Physics from the University of Michigan and has been tinkering with electronics since he was kid. Alex is passionate about bringing technology to unusual places, and is excited to contribute to the outdoor community.

  • Anna W.

    Customer Experience Lead

    Anna is an outdoor enthusiast and artist from the Pacific Northwest. When she is not connecting with the incredible Rocky Talkie community and troubleshooting radio inquiries, she can be found climbing, painting, reading, or trail running with her dog \ best friend Jake. She is a certified HAM and it makes her day when folks include dog pictures with their emails:)

  • Justin G.

    Lead Product Engineer

    Justin leads our engineering team in both technical design and supplier sourcing. Justin is an Electrical Engineer with an extensive background in product design and manufacturing. When not creating new products, he can be found thru-hiking, backcountry skiing, and mountain biking in the Sierras. Justin is elated to help create better options for mountain athletes who need to communicate during their the adventures.

  • Mark S.

    Head of Operations and QA

    Mark leads our Denver based product assembly and QA operations. He is a life long entrepreneur and gadget guy, who is always keeping the team up to date on the most recent tech developments. He enjoys hiking with his new dog Scotty, and is an avid Philly sports fan.

  • Leila H.

    Social Media Manager

    Leila is a rock climber with extensive experience in the climbing industry! She has worked as a climbing guide as well as a route setter at her home gym in Colorado Springs. She is passionate about helping people reach their goals outdoors! She is now a certified HAM! In her free time, you can find her sport climbing , camping out in her truck, and petting as many dogs as she can find!

  • Nate G.

    Creative & Education Manager

    Nate hails from Southern California and loves to surf, cycle and backpack. After a decade of experience in the film industry, his passions for HAM radio and facilitating positive customer experiences have led him to Rocky Talkie. He can be found wandering trails with his dog Cedar.

  • Jessica G.

    Product & Sustainability Manager

    Jessica is a passionate outdoor recreationalist currently exploring the mountains of North Carolina. She has a Masters in Environmental Policy from CU Boulder, and has worked in the Outdoor Industry for several years, with a focus on Sustainability and Accessibility. Jessica is a certified HAM and enjoys backpacking, hiking, mountain biking, climbing, and looks forward to camping with her new puppy Tuck.

  • Carly C.

    Assistant Customer Experience Manager

    Carly is a passionate climber who has worked in the climbing industry since 2010. As a climbing guide and trainer for over a decade, she has been committed to helping people explore and push their own limits. Her guiding career and personal climbing goals have taken her all over the world, from sunny rock cliffs to big mountain expeditions. In her free time, she is either climbing, exploring with her dog Frankie (the bestest girl!), or dancing to live music!

  • Henley P.

    Training & Technical Support Specialist

    Henley lives in the Sonoran Desert and comes to Rocky Talkie after several years spent teaching youth as an outdoor educator and Spanish teacher in the public school system. Outside of supporting the amazing Rocky Talkie community, he spends his time on trails and dirt roads hiking, running, and cycling. He’s even set a coupe of fastest known times!

  • Scott C.

    Lead Designer

    Scott is an avid climber and designer that loves the problem-solving aspect of climbing and the storytelling that only comes from days spent in the outdoors. The energy and the dedication of the people around keep him inspired.

Friends of the Brand

  • Don Bowie

    Lead Product Tester and Athlete

    Don is a professional alpinist, high-altitude mountaineer, and veteran of 20 expeditions to the Himalaya and beyond. He joined the team in 2020 after being blown away by the radios’ performance on Pakistan’s Broad Peak in winter. An expert in extreme environments, Don leads radio testing in the field and helps drive tech and design innovation.

  • Colin Rex

    Content Development

    Colin is a photographer and creative professional always looking for his next big adventure. His perpetual quest for type 2 fun has led him to the far corners of the globe, where he combines photography, writing, and videography to create visual identities for leading brands in the outdoor industry.

  • Darcie Bentz

    Director of Fun Events

    Darcie is a passionate rock climber and seeker of all things fun. She has a Master’s in Public Health and currently works in the field of injury prevention. If there is fun to be had, Darcie will find it!

  • Jon Crays

    Content Strategist

    Jon is an avid mountain biker, angler, snowboarder, climber, & photographer. He has developed content strategies for brands around the globe such as Land Rover and Panasonic. He is a strong believer in the importance of safe communication in the outdoors and is excited to leverage his content expertise to help spread this message.